There is no way to measure how the veterans feel about how well they’re taken care of. Currently, there is improved access to healthcare for the veteran’s courtesy of veteran affairs (VA). The MISSION Act was implemented by Veteran Affairs in June 2019. The number of visits has risen over the years. Also, veteran satisfaction has improved.

The front-line staff at the Veteran Affairs comprises schedulers, nurses, janitors, food service personnel, and administrative teams. There is a balance in the veterans’ needs to ensure that veterans have access to healthcare while also prioritizing their safety.

Some of the facts that you need to know include that the veteran affairs medical centers are always open throughout. The dedicated staff throughout the nation also avail themselves at work daily. Also, there are minimal requests for some time off. The veterans also trust in the healthcare services being offered by VA. Also, the veterans have availed themselves in large numbers to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In this case, we can see that they trust the system and the services being offered.

Transparent Access

There is some criticism, and people believe that the Veteran Affairs is not reporting and measuring the wait times. The veterans also don’t have a choice when it comes to the type of care they receive. Well, these are just assumptions. Unlike other healthcare systems in the U.S., the wait time is posted by the Veteran Affairs, and anyone can access this information. The only details you need to have access to information such as wait time include town, facility, and zip code, and you’ll get to know how long the veterans wait for their appointments. The transparency ensures caregivers and veterans will make informed decisions.

The veterans receive the care they need from the VA facilities, and they have also established a relationship with their healthcare provider wait. The average wait time is 4.3 days if a veteran needs access to primary care. For mental healthcare, the average wait time is 3.3 days. For those who need specialty care, the wait time is 11.7 days; for new facilities, the wait time is longer.

If the veteran does not require a certain service, they can wait since they don’t prefer a telehealth or telephone visit. As a veteran, you have the option of using the community care network by Veteran Affairs.

Safety First

As you take certain steps to avoid face-to-face appointments that are not necessary, the Veteran Affairs has managed to complete at least 66 million visits from veterans, and this is inclusive of video and telephone visits.

There has been a proactive decision that entails postponing elective procedures and ensuring the routine in-person appointments have been canceled to save the lives of the veterans. The Veteran Affairs adopted telehealth early, and their main focus has been on video & phone visits with regard to virtual care. The video visits have gone up, and there is an increase of 1,700 percent. On a weekly basis, the video visits can amount to 160,000.

If a veteran has urgent care needs, there is the need to continue to ensure the healthcare services are being provided on time. For urgent referrals, the wait time is usually 1.1. Days with dealing with Veteran Affairs. For the community providers, the average wait time is 1.4 days. The emergency department is always open all through, and it is staffed such that the veterans have access to the type of care they need. As a veteran, you can use the emergency department within the community since it is among the best options.

Actively Engaged

The pandemic has caused a lot of inconveniences, and many people are currently negatively impacted. The Veteran Affair has strived to ensure that the veterans are safe amid the pandemic. Since the day the COVID-19 virus was termed a pandemic, the VA has prioritized the safety of the veterans.

So, are the U.S. veterans well taken care of? From the information above and how the Veteran Affairs handles everything, it is safe to say that the U.S. veterans are well cared for.

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