One of the best ways to build contacts and credibility in your community is to offer your services or ideas for free or at a bargain. The concept of community members working together is still one of the strongest ways to improve quality of life for society. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can participate and make a difference in your community.


Donate Funds or Items

Throwing a yard sale is one way to clear out unwanted old items. Whatever is left over can then be donated to a local charity. What may be useless to you may be valuable to someone who can’t afford to buy new products such as computers, appliances or furniture. Instead of allowing junk to end up in a landfill, you’re helping someone achieve sustainability by getting the most out of technology. Donating funds to a local charity can be even more helpful to your community.

Local Organizations that Need Community Support

  • community clean-up projects
  • fundraising groups that need volunteers
  • public libraries
  • recreation and park districts
  • schools

Go More Green

Another way to directly help your local community is to adopt eco-friendly processes and products while removing old toxic items. Many people don’t realize that less than 20 percent of tech devices get recycled and the rest end up in landfills. These old machines typically contain toxic substances. If you aren’t going to use old computers and can’t find anyone who wants them, it’s best to remove them from your property and take them to a recycler.

You don’t necessarily have to invest in solar panels to send a message to your neighborhood you support a green future, but it helps. There are federal and state incentives for going solar, which creates less strain on the electric grid system. You might also be able to buy solar power from your local utility company at a discount compared with conventional energy.

Weatherizing your home sets a good example on how to contribute to energy efficiency. Investing in smart technology that monitors energy levels is a good way to cut energy costs. The more people take proactive steps to conserve energy and lower costs, the more they are reducing strain on resources and contributing to overall sustainability, which will be a major social theme this decade.

Get Involved with Local Businesses

Keeping money in your local economy is one of the best ways to support your community. That means making a conscious effort to purchase products and services from small businesses based in your town. To some degree, you are still helping your local community when you purchase from a local owner who pays a national company to use their franchise branding.

Instead of only supporting small firms on “Small Business Saturday” following “Black Friday” in November, try to shop from local merchants as much as possible all year round. Shopping at a buy-sell-trade store can give you and others excellent bargains. Communities become economically stronger when members help others save money.

Small businesses have been in jeopardy since the financial crisis led to tighter loan requirements. Many companies fell deeper in debt due to losses from the pandemic. It’s essential for community members to work together to save local businesses from collapse. Local restaurants and nightclubs that provide up and coming entertainment are particularly at risk of going out of business. Many small companies are losing customers to online choices and large stores. Ask yourself if you want to live in a world someday with just a few big companies dominating the whole market.


Participating in your local community is a great way to develop meaningful personal or business relationships. Carving out your place as a helpful component to the bigger picture helps pave a road to happiness and satisfaction. If you are ready to make a difference in your community, call us today at 913-850-6556.