Garen Armstrong is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully started, has grown and exited multiple companies. He is a full-time father, friend to all and faithful servant to the community.
As a servant to the community, he is a member of many organizations such as Cars4heros, Friends of Service Heroes, and started Roofs4Heros. Where he provides veterans and first responders in need of help with help be it transportation or a roof over their head.
As a Father, he sees to it that his kids are brought up strict and have good morals. Teaches the values and virtues of living in the greatest capitalistic country on earth. Teaching them that hard work pays off, and provides an environment to love, laugh and learn.
As a businessman Garen has enjoyed a successful track record in business leadership, business consulting, and business development, with start-ups and growth companies. Garen has a proven execution-oriented leadership ability that people trust and enjoy.
Garen’s success lies in building, empowering, and leading teams of talented, ambitious people with the aligning the collective vision of accomplishing the goal of the organization while helping achieve each individual person accomplish their vision and their purpose.
As the General Contractor with Shamrock Roofing & Construction, he focused on efficient corporate structure and governance while honing his ability to encourage growth through the development of increased market share by helping out business owners, building owners, property managers, and homeowners with their construction needs.
Garen credits his continued success to his passion for business, servant leadership and investing in and grooming people approach, unrivaled tenacity, and a fine-tuned propensity for surrounding himself with only the best from creating a mastermind group to achieve his visions and goals of the organizations.
Garen has had multiple setbacks and obstacles to overcome on his journey. His story has as many lows as it does highs and you will be able to read some of them in here. The biggest obstacle now is the fight for his life as he is currently waiting on a heart transplant from acute heart failure from an airborne virus.