I’ve been talking a lot here recently about the benefits of giving back to your community. That’s because this is something I believe in strongly. I participate in community service both individually and with my roofing company, Shamrock Roofing and Construction. I do it because I feel it’s the right thing to do. I love the internal gratification I get from being able to help others in the communities where I live, work, and play. Giving back is my way of saying thank you to the city that has supported my family and my business endeavors for so many years.

Studies show that there are external as well as internal benefits that sprout from participating in community service projects. These benefits apply not just to individuals but also to businesses that develop and support community volunteer programs. It seems that helping others is good for everyone. That’s certainly been my experience.

Benefits of Giving Back

Engaging in volunteer work in the community provides a host of benefits for individuals. It helps connect people more closely to the community in which they live. It also introduces them to new people, expanding their circle of influence. This may eventually lead to new business contacts or a new job. Volunteerism also raises social awareness. Many people live in a relatively small social circle of like-minded individuals. Getting out and helping others provides a broader awareness of how others live in the community and fosters compassion for those less fortunate.

Companies that implement community service programs at work benefit too. A 2017 Deloitte Volunteerism Survey showed that employees appreciate having the opportunity to do volunteer work on company time. Seventy percent of respondents said that volunteerism boosts morale more than happy hours or all-hands meetings. And eighty-nine percent indicated that company-sponsored volunteer opportunities create a better work environment. 

While many employers are skittish about giving people days off for community service work, those who take the plunge often notice a different vibe in the office. Employees are happier, and friendships among co-workers are tighter. Often, employees take information or skills they learned during their volunteer experiences and apply them on the job.

Here’s How We Do It

At Shamrock Roofing, we have a program that we started several years ago called Roofs 4 Heroes. We created this program, in conjunction with Cars 4 Heroes and the Deron Cherry Foundation, to honor deserving veterans and first responders by providing them with a new roof. My dad was in the service, and I remember him talking about all the veterans who come out of the military with challenges that sometimes make life more difficult. I got the idea that my company could help change some of that.

The goal at Shamrock is to give away one roof each quarter. Anyone can nominate a deserving veteran or first responder for this gift by filling out the form on the Shamrock website.

Our Most Recent Hero

Our most recent new roof went to Zeke Crozier, a medically retired Army staff sergeant in Overland Park, Kansas. He was shocked when he found out what was going on. You can watch his reaction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih2riIv2PaU.

What you’ll also see in that video is the reason we do this. Because of what Zeke went through—a helicopter crash that resulted in a severe brain injury, causing him to have to relearn to walk and talk—he’s made it his mission to support other veterans through his artwork. His selfless attitude is what spoke to us loud and clear. That’s why we chose to give Zeke a new roof. 

It’s not uncommon for those who serve others to shy away from accepting gifts themselves. But who better to honor than someone who honors others by reaching out so selflessly?

There are many ways to engage in community service. This is just one of the ways we do it at Shamrock Roofing and Construction. Leave a comment, and let us know how you’re involved in giving back to your community. And while you’re at it, check out Zeke’s artwork here.