Thank you Garen Armstrong, your heart and your vision are tremendously appreciated. It’s no wonder your greatest challenge gives us hope.

Good Leaders Fight for Others
When overwhelmed with uncertainty, most people tend to close themselves off from the world, hiding behind their confusion and frustration. Nothing could be more true when facing a life-threatening medical condition.

Garen Armstrong, a Kansas City business leader, was shocked to learn of his failing heart. With no clear diagnosis, he shared his story with the news media in an effort to educate and spread hope.

The vulnerability he reveals by connecting with the world at such a devastating time gives us a perfect example of good leadership.

It takes extraordinary strength of character to focus on the needs of others when your world is falling apart, but Garen Armstrong has a heart for service. Perhaps that’s why he needs a new one at 40 years old.

We feel safe when we know that our leaders are fighting for us, stepping up to expose the hardship and communicating, rather than shrinking back in fear.

Appreciation Reminds Us of What We Have
Nothing feels safer than an awareness of the support we often take for granted. Mr. Armstrong’s initiative provides a beautiful thank you to our veterans and first responders.

As the owner of Shamrock Roofing and Construction, he’s teamed up with Cars4Heroes, serving on the board for over 20 years to provide free transportation for local heroes as well as starting his own nonprofit, Roofs 4 Heroes.

Garen and his company give back by donating 4 new roofs each year to honor and assist our veterans. Showing gratitude for their service is a quality of not just good, but great leadership.

Appreciation for the safety provided by our military, protecting and defending our country at great personal risk, is a perspective that reminds us of how very fortunate we are.

Good Leaders Create Communities
We feel safe when we realize we’re not alone. A good leader creates a community of trust and collaboration, when it feels like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

Because he created an environment of love and support so consistently with every endeavor, our hero has a community he can fall back on.

As a young man burdened with the possibility of losing control of all that he’s responsible for, he still shows us how to have faith.