Happy people are the richest people on earth. Everyone wants to be happy. However, not everyone knows how to become that happy. Well, look at the things that people like Garen Armstrong do all the time. Here are 7 things remarkably happy people do often.

  1. Exercise
    Mind and body are closely connected. If the body feels good, then your mindset will follow. Exercise regularly to get the blood flowing and the endorphins pumping. You’ll feel good about yourself, and your confidence may go up when you look in the mirror.
  2. Follow a Balanced Diet
    The things you put into your body also greatly affect your disposition. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You should also incorporate whole grain and protein into your diet while also reducing cholesterol, fat, and sugar.
  3. Eat Cake
    Yes, we should exercise and eat well. Most of the time. If you want to be happy in life, you also need to learn that it’s okay to indulge every now and then. It’s okay to have a piece of cake and a couple of drinks on a celebratory occasion. The key here is that indulging should be a rare occurrence for you.
  4. Travel
    You can learn a lot when you travel the world. You will experience different sites, customs, languages, climates, and religions. Travelling will open your mind and help you relate to a wide array of different people, increasing the odds that people will want to be your friend or do business with you.
  5. Develop Healthy Relationships
    Everyone needs solid relationships in their life. This can include people in your family, social circle, or professional circle. These people can be a source of support for you when you need it, and they can help guide you in the right direction in life. It’s important to let the positive people in your life know just how much they mean to you by being there for them as well.
  6. Get Spiritual
    It’s difficult to witness some of the incredible beauty in this world and not assume that there is something higher out there. Open your mind and explore the majesty of the universe. Study the different religions and try to define your own beliefs. You don’t need to believe in a particular deity or religion to find a spiritual connection to whatever might be out there.
  7. Push Themselves
    If you want to be happy, it’s important to push yourself harder and harder to be your best self. Push yourself hard at work as well as in your personal relationships. The results will improve everything around you, increasing your mood.

You have every right to be as happy as Garen Armstrong, but you need to take your own happiness into your own hands. Start by doing these things. You’ll be surprised how quickly it works.