Entrepreneurs are Born, Not Made

The essence of entrepreneurship begins with the first breath an infant draws. That tiny infant may seem needy and yet, as many an unwitting new parent learns, infant need can be a clue to their future entrepreneurship.

Take note of the entrepreneurial punctuality with which the child requires feeding and satisfaction of other basic needs. This is Stage I of serial entrepreneurship that marks the child’s personality and traits of character carried long into the future.

As a toddler, observe the quick adaptation to multi tasking with toys in creative, colorful designs. By the time a child is school age, the basic template of leadership and highly coordinated management skills procures the vision required for serial entrepreneurship.

Stage II – Vision and Growth

Vision and growth predicated upon an ambitious nature are two ingredients that drive serial entrepreneurship to heights of business success. An abundance of self confidence in tandem with knowledge of one’s skills and talents creates the path forward that gives impetus to a serial entrepreneur to go where others fear to tread.

Stage III – Entrepreneurship by Design

Nearly every serial entrepreneur begins Stage III possessed of ambition and drive. This alone is not sufficient without understanding the need for human interaction with customers, vendors and suppliers. The commonality of interactive need is part of entrepreneurship by design.

Serial entrepreneurs have the ability to combine community needs and coordinate them with their skills and talents, as well as s desire for career growth.

This is how one Kansas serial entrepreneur, Garen Armstrong, parlayed community need, inherent vision and the desire to expand far beyond his duties as a General Contractor for Shamrock Roofing & Construction.

By employing his natural skills and talents with community need, creation of a range of multiple businesses was inevitable. By building a solid business reputation at the community level, Garen Armstrong realized and actualized the possibilities in business consulting, as well as assisting with business development to the betterment of Kansas.

Stage IV – Reaching Entrepreneurship Goals

All entrepreneurs know the value of reaching their goals. Within his entrepreneurship and Garen Armstrong’s impressive ability to see far ahead of present business phases, his leadership skills magnetically attract a diverse following of business associates within the extensive world of business organizations and civic and community endeavors.

Emulating a Serial Entrepreneur

The full range of what comprises the stages of serial entrepreneurism takes into account traits of character, vision and ambition with a clear design for professional business networking. This networking incorporates start ups, business owners seeking greater business growth and a well networked association of top business leaders.

Ye Reap What Ye Sow

Perhaps, Garen Armstrong’s success as a serial entrepreneur follows the Biblical passage from Galatians 6:7-9: The one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

By pleasing those in business, entrepreneurs find a sense of eternal life. Thus, it proves there is limitlessness to how many businesses can begin with a single enterprise.