A person can become a good and faithful servant to God by recognizing problems and by helping to solve those problems. We all rely on help from other people and would appreciate any help from other people, especially during an emergency situation. There can be an improvement to the social environment in a community if the members of the community realize that each person does contribute to the quality of the living standards in that community.

If a member of a community had lost a job, was suffering from an illness, needed an organ transplant or had become stranded in a traffic accident, then that person would need some help from his or her neighbors. You could help a person with finding a job, with some chores during an illness or with a ride home from a traffic accident. If you are a servant to God for helping other people, then you should try to bond with the other members of a community.

A good and faithful servant is an honest, respectful, hardworking person who is dedicated to helping other people and who is also dedicated to achieving goals. If a person has a goal, then that person wants to improve his or her situation, such as with a new job or by owning a small business.

You can provide services to a community with your small business or by volunteering for projects. Your neighbors might appreciate having a nearby bakery with a cafe as a place to stop and chat with friends. You could volunteer to help to coach a little league team or to help to clean up the shoreline along a river.

Each community has different problems, such as problems from crimes or from gang violence. A servant to God should be able to recognize those problems and should try to control those problems. Some problems in a community may be difficult to control, such as dangerous gangs.

As a member of a community, each person should try to help to stop the problems, but a person may not have the skills for finding and stopping a problem, such as trying to find the water source for the floodwater on a road. A servant to God would ask for help if he or she could not stop a problem.

You can try to help other people, but you should also try to learn new skills that you could use to help yourself and to also help other people, such as skills for cooking and for home repairs. The skills should be useful for controlling problems in a home and in a community.

If you can recognize your personal problems, such as shyness and making bad decisions, then you could begin to work on your personal problems to help yourself to have more skills for helping other people. As a good and faithful servant to God and your neighbors, you can try to learn some skills for helping other people by first helping yourself to overcome personal problems.