No one is perfect every day. Some days we feel like we’re on top of the world. Other days we feel like crawling in a hole. It’s normal to be hard on ourselves, but it’s important we try to find the goodness in each day. We’ve got a few ways to feel good about yourself.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Look in the mirror at your best friend. You wouldn’t say hurtful things to a friend. Allow yourself to talk to that person like you do a close friend. Seek out the goodness in their heart. Tell that person why you love them so much. You may not think you deserve this high level of kindness, but you do. It can be tough, but tell that person about all of the things you love about them. You’re stuck with this best friend, so you should treat them with the utmost respect and love.

Understand Everyone Has Issues

Once I realized that everyone I met was fighting their own battle, I felt a lot better about myself. I didn’t constantly compare my life with everyone else’s life. I had to understand that even if someone seemed to have it all together, they were fighting a battle of their own. I began to tell others about my struggles. In return, they started to share with me. This made me feel like others were right there with me. I wasn’t alone in my own fears and battles. .

Trust Yourself

It’s so easy to doubt yourself. You fear you won’t make the mark. You have to believe in who you are as a person. You’re going to grow from any experience. You’re going to make it through the fire. It’s important to give yourself mercy and patience.

Love Life

The world isn’t out to get you down. You might feel like everyone is out to punish you. People are too into their own lives to worry about yours. Learn to focus on yourself. Look at your life, and find the shining lights in it. Fall in love with the little things that make up your extraordinary life.

Find Your Strength

You’re stronger than you think. Find the strength deep within you. Believe in yourself. You have faced some tough days, and you’ve made it through the fire. Believe that you have the strength to face anything in your life.

Face Your Fears

You don’t have to go out every day and touch a spider if you’re deathly afraid of them, but you do need to look fear in the face. Being a little scared will make you a better person each day. You want to have those butterflies fluttering your stomach pushing you each day. This will help you fight anything that comes your way in life.

These ways to feel good about yourself are only the beginning. Love the person you are, because that’s the best friend you will ever have. Wake up, and life each day to the fullest.