I learned long ago the importance of giving back. As a kid I watched my parents get involved in various causes and community events, and I saw the positive impact it had on them. I figured there must be something to this giving back thing or they wouldn’t keep doing it. Little did I know that my exposure to that would eventually lead to my involvement in Roofs 4 Heroes, a non-profit organization that provides free roofs to nominated veterans.


I’d been involved with a similar program called Cars 4 Heroes for over 20 years, so it was only natural that when I suggested about having my company, Shamrock Roofing and Construction, join forces with them to create Roofs 4 Heroes, I was all in. It made perfect sense and perfect partnership, and we’ve been providing roofs for veterans now for nearly two years. I always get a thrill out of seeing the look on a veteran’s face when he or she finds out they’re getting a much-needed new roof at no charge. It makes my day.


I was influenced in my choice of charitable organizations by my dad who served in the military for 25 years. I always admired him and had the utmost respect for him. While I’ve never served in the military myself, I’m very grateful to those who are willing to serve and keep us safe. The men and women who are out there putting their lives on the line deserve all the help they can get. If there’s anything I can do here to celebrate them and their service, then it’s the least I can do. I know it sounds trite, but the roof overhead is what keeps everyone safe here at home when they’re out on the front line. That’s why we’re proud to be able to provide a free roof to a veteran in need every quarter.


Veterans have to be nominated in order to be considered for a free roof. They can be nominated by a friend, family member, acquaintance, or neighbor. They can even nominate themselves. But these amazing people aren’t usually the type to ask for help for themselves. In fact, when we first launched Roofs 4 Heroes, it took nearly six months to get any nominations at all because the people who needed help the most were not the type to ask for it.


I’ve been a student of servant leadership for many years and try to practice that philosophy in my leadership roles in business. Currently, I’m also working to instill the importance of giving in my children – not just giving of money, but also of time and talent. Thanks to the successes I’ve had in my various business ventures, I’m now in a position where I can make a positive impact in the world. Roofs 4 Heroes is where I choose to focus my resources. I think my dad would be proud.


I love having the opportunity to give back to the Kansas City community. It makes me feel good to be able to give to those who are in need, to those who could use help and are too proud to ask. It makes me happy that I can warm their heart and keep them dry with a new roof. I get a kick out of being able to help protect the home of veterans and first responders who are out there protecting our freedoms.


Helping others by giving from the heart always leads to gaining something even more valuable in return.


If you know of a veteran who’s in need of a new roof, you can nominate him or her here.