Any of you having a tough time out there staying positive? Positivity can be a tall order at times and it can also make the difference in motivation and focus. What is getting fed more in your mind on a regular basis? Positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

It is important to keep a positive outlook. We are surrounded by apprehension and tension because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has overwhelmed the whole world.

These are the unparalleled tough times full of economic struggles, challenges of health, self-isolation, social distancing, and anxiety. Many have entered into basically a survival mode. The everyday struggles have made lives challenging personally and professionally. It is very easy to fall into the trap of a negative mindset.

Yet, a positive mindset can be had. In spite of the difficult times, practicing what we choose to focus on in the form of recitation and repetition are helpful keys to success.

Expect good and desired results that are positive and write them down. Positivity has great power and it can help you transform that energy into reality.

A positive mindset is also nestled in your sense of gratitude. List off 100 things your are grateful for and review, rewrite and meditate on these daily. There is always abundance to seek and find and beauty to see and encouragement to share with others.

At the moment, we have all been facing difficult times. In the face of potential fear, desperation, grief, or sadness remember that stressing about the things that are out of our control can be replaced with thoughts that we can control!

Staying Positive With You, Garen