The most successful businesses have changed the trajectory of their futures because of the mindset they have adopted. Garen Armstrong has adopted such a mindset in order to grow in his business and now he is experiencing benefits not only financially but also personally. Here are some of the most important characteristics of a growth mindset and how implementing them will benefit you and your business. 

What is a Growth Mindset? 

The growth mindset concept was initially developed by Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck. The growth mindset was introduced at a professional conference and well known ever since. A growth mindset is a concept that is adopted which is the belief that success can only come from constant personal development, success is not genetic and it is not a specific character trait. Success is self-made and possible for anyone inquiring about a successful life. Growth is possible for everyone and anyone who is dedicated enough. 

Benefits of Adopting a Growth Mindset

Success is not solely a result of hard work or more of us would have already attained the success we desire. In reality, what our mind is focused on will determine the quality, quantity and longevity of the work we produce. Our mind -the thoughts we think about- determine our business outcomes more than many realize. Garen Armstrong from Shamrock Roofing shows excellent growth and success in the business and personal matters of life. This was only possible by adopting a mindset that is productive and not ‘fixed’ when your mindset is one way or the highway, there is no room to grow or advance. The growth mindset leaves room for roadblocks, challenges, mistakes, and detours, knowing that they are opportunities for growth, advancement, and more success than you could ever imagine. 

What are Some characteristics of a Growth Mindset? 

  1. Determine your goals. Before adopting the growth mindset, determine your “why” and set your goals. This locks your vision in place and solidifies your direction.
  1. Change your perspective. After defining your goals and understanding your clear intentions, you must change your perspective on growth and failure. Trial and error are inevitable. It is necessary to leave room for mistakes, use mistakes as building blocks and never give up. 
  1. Search for inspiration. When on your growth journey, seek fresh inspiration to keep your drive going whether books, blogs or podcasts-keep evolving!
  1. View your  challenges as opportunities.
  1. Reflect on your mistakes. 
  1. Focus on rewarding actions. 

Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

The growth mindset is a great strategy for success both in business as well as in one’s personal life.

Recently Garen Armstrong was awarded the “Come Back Kid” Award for his pushing through the difficult times to get to the gold. This award celebrates failure and recognizes those who have survived to tell about it. This award is given to entrepreneurs who rebuild or launch a more successful business after overcoming hardship. Garen has done just that after undergoing multiple heart surgeries and a much awaited heart transplant. The key to growth is keeping your “mind set” on growth on an ongoing basis while life and circumstances are ever changing. Sounds oxymoronic but the wonderful thing about growth is that it gets uncomfortable. It is through that discomfort that you are encouraged to grow!