Every time we fly, we’re reminded that in the case of an emergency to “secure our own oxygen mask before helping someone else.” Why do they say that? Because if you want to truly help someone else, you need to be personally well and able to help.

And that’s why health and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand.

If you have dreams and goals as a business owner or entrepreneur to support and help the community around you, you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

I learned this lesson through my own trials and challenges. After undergoing heart surgery, I made a commitment to be as strong and healthy as I’m able to be. To protect my health and heart well, I’ve built several habits in my life to ensure my stress levels are down and my health is up. This way, I can keep focusing on my work and dreams to help others and support the community through my company, Shamrock Roofing.

Health is individual, and each person has their own needs. So, you’ll have to figure out what works best for you to stay in optimal health.

That said, here are essential pieces of my routine that may be a good starting point for you, too.

Daily Habits for Health to Boost Entrepreneurship

1.  Daily routine: It’s so powerful to have a daily routine, so you know what you’re doing each day to stay on track to meet your goals.

2. Self-care: What makes you feel good about yourself? What helps you relax? Self-care is taking time for you each day.

3. Meditation: Slowing down, calming your mind, and meditating is an effective ways to stay on track with what’s important. One large meta-analysis study showed that meditation is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation has been widely studied with many science-backed benefits.

4. Limited drinking: Enjoying a drink here and there won’t make much difference, but excessive drinking can have negative physical and psychological impacts.

5. Trusted advisors: Get a team around you of like-minded people to stay accountable, get advice from, and help encourage you along the way. This is particularly important when you’re stressed and need support.

6. Exercise: This one is obvious—moving your body daily is key to optimal health! Not only is exercise good for your physical health, but studies show it’s also essential for mental health and wellbeing, too.

7. Continual learning: Learning and increasing knowledge are like a workout for your brain! It’s so important and a great way to stay grounded

8. Volunteer, help, or mentor others: This can not only support the people around you but gives you a mental health boost from giving back as well.

9. Physical checkups with the doctor: Even if you’re feeling fine, checking in with the doctor regularly will help ensure you’re in good health. Prevention is the key!

10. Emotional check-ins with a friend: If you’re undergoing stress and anxiety, do an emotional check-in with someone you trust. It’ll ground you and help show you the next steps.

11. Good sleep: We live in a “work hard and hustle” culture… but we all need rest. Prioritizing sleep will set you up for a good next day!

These are the things that I do to prioritize my health and well-being. When I’m on track and following this routine, it boosts my entrepreneurship! My business, Shamrock Roofing, benefits from me being in good health—when I feel good, I can give back to the people around me.

I love talking about topics like this—feel free to reach out to me or read through my other thoughts and resources on my website, Garen Armstrong