For so many people, getting up on time in the morning is a struggle. Coming up with a morning routine that you look forward to and that keeps you motivated may be the key to struggling no more. Try implementing any one of these suggestions and notice how it affects the rest of your day!

Foolproof Morning Routine

Your routine starts the night before.

What many don’t realize is that your morning routine probably starts before you go to bed the night before. What can you do to set yourself up for success the next morning? For many, this means setting out your outfit for the next day, packing your lunch and putting it in the fridge so it’s ready to go, and so on. The idea is to minimize the number of things you need to do in the morning before you get out the door.

The first step is waking up!

If you’re a chronic snoozer, you probably know that hitting the snooze button on your alarm will only make you more tired throughout the day. Feeling rushed in the morning and not being fully awake when you leave has lasting effects. Instead, set your alarm for a time when you have to get out of bed and honor it! Make a goal to avoid hitting snooze three out of five days, and work down to zero days in a week. Have a glass of water on your nightstand for drinking as soon as you sit up on the edge of your bed. This is shown to wake you up quickly and even has other health benefits for your metabolism.


Many people grow to enjoy a morning routine that includes exercise. This can sound a little intense at first, but with time it may become a staple for you. Getting your heart rate up before you even start your workday is a fantastic way to get your body ready for the day. Morning exercise is shown to improve focus and productivity throughout the day. But even if you can’t fit exercise into your morning routine, any exercise throughout the day will prove to be beneficial.

Morning Meditation, Journaling, or Reading

Choosing a mindfulness activity to include each morning can really set the tone for you to have a positive and productive day. This may be 5-10 minutes of meditation, journaling five things you’re grateful for, or reading 10 pages of a book. Engaging in some sort of mindfulness practice each day is shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels, therefore freeing up more of your time and energy for the things you want to accomplish. It can be hard to imagine engaging in these practices in the morning when you feel groggy, but physically leaving your bed, drinking water or coffee to engage in this practice will wake you up and keep you alert more than you may expect.

Eat Breakfast

Find a breakfast option that works for you. If you have a busy schedule, a smoothie may be a quick and easy option for you. If you have sleeping housemates, however, plugging in a blender at 6 am may not be the best choice. Some other options to consider are yogurt, fruit, and granola, pre-prepared boiled eggs or breakfast sandwiches. Whatever suits your appetite and schedule, eating something for breakfast is an important part of your day and morning routine.

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